Mission & Vision

It is a reflection of our patient-centered methodology and our commitment to empathetically meet unmet healthcare requirements.

Brawn group started with a perception

We want to empower people and assist them in leading healthier, more fulfilling lives as we continue to make a significant difference in their lives.

Our brand identity has developed, and as a result, this dedication is greater than ever. The convergence of the seven hearts emphasizes how inclusive and about "Us" everything we do is. Brawn group of companies has successfully impacted across 60 countries. Gripping them tight while operating in supply chains widely with 9 well-coordinated headquarters around the world.

Establishing USFDA & EU GMP Complaint Manufacturing units to penetrate the regulated market. This will help ensure goodness and growth.



To provide affordable research based quality formulations, products and services across the globe through research, innovation, development and collaborations.



To be leading strategic and research based global healthcare group creating comprehensive solution for treatment and management of illness with our medical formulations, products and services thereby creating better life across the globe.

Our Ethics and Values

Our principal goal has been diversification over the years, and Brawn has entered a number of areas of the pharmaceutical industry. Society has come to trust Brawn in a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, herbal cosmetics, high-end complicated oncology APIs, surgical and medical devices, pharmaceutical printing and packaging, clean room HVAC, and more.
  • Compassion & Dedication
  • Inclusive & Dynamic
  • Strategic R&D

Our conglomeration is an amalgamation of who we are. A multinational life sciences firm with the mission of providing society with care and nurturing, supported by the force of creativity, science, and cutting-edge technology. With these qualities near and dear to our hearts, we hope to contribute significantly to the care of communities. Care, compassion, and a dedication to innovation will continue to be the cornerstones of everything the Brawn group stands for.

A group of seven brand names highlighting the fact that everything we do is for "Us". Empathy and dynamism are combined in the new ideology. A new graphic identity that embodies our future-ready brand makeover brings this to life. Presenting Brawn Group as a more innovative, inclusive, patient-focused, dynamic, and international company.

The company has entered into an exclusive R&D setup for PI and formulations adhering to worldwide standards with a revitalized and strategic focus on R&D. Highly qualified scientists and physicians working at the DSIR-approved facility are developing novel compounds and cutting-edge products, particularly in oncology. The Brawn Group of Companies has established itself in the market today and is recognised as a dependable global partner that serves a variety of sectors under one roof.